Wireless Services Agreement Act

(g) the indication of the form, nature and content of any advertising required by this Act with respect to a radio agreement, including the requirement that the disclosure be consumer-specific under the agreement; 10. The company undertakes to grant an unlicensed licence during the currency of each newspaper published in the Commonwealth and at any Commonwealth wireless telephone transmission station that registered to license a licence under licence during that party`s currency in order to obtain licences issued by the British government and by rugby or any other transmission station in the United Kingdom. 2. A fixed-term radio contract is automatically extended or extended at the end of the life of the contract if the contract provides for it and the consumer does not inform the supplier, in accordance with the agreement, that he is terminating the contract at the end of the period. 2013, about 8, 14 (2). (a) the price or value of the consumer`s goods or services, in accordance with a trade-in agreement and 17. The method of calculating the amounts that the consumer must pay to the supplier when the consumer announced the agreement in accordance with Section 16. 15. – (1) The Commonwealth makes available to the company, at its request, the fixed lines necessary for the operation of its radio stations and transmits, through the Commonwealth`s internal communications service, all messages made by the public to each post office or sent to the Commonwealth for transmission through the Commonwealth`s internal communications service.

, and the company pays the Commonwealth the usual rates for these lines and services. , that of the Commonwealth. 9. Any change to a radio agreement, whether temporary or not, does not retroactively affect the rights and obligations acquired by the consumer before the amendment came into force. 2013, about 8, 13 (9). 2. A supplier under a radio contract provides the consumer, as soon as possible after the conclusion of the contract, or in a timely manner, with a copy of the contract if a deadline is prescribed. 2013, about 8, 10 percent (2). 6. The expiry date of the agreement, possibly agreed by the parties. (p) with respect to the rights and obligations of the parties to a radio agreement regarding the consumer`s payment of services that the consumer concludes separately from the agreement, but which are charged to the consumer as part of the billing of the contract; 2.) The company accepts that the Court of Justice, unless the Court rules in its favour within 12 months of the effective date of this agreement (contrary to the mutual agreement), to issue the issues raised before the date of the agreement in one or more of the appeals referred to in the first paragraph of that clause , within the twelve-month period mentioned above, an appeal or action in New Zealand for infringement of the New Zealand equivalent of the Australian patents that participate in the actions covered in the first paragraph of this clause or other patents of major importance with respect to wireless broadcasting, and will do so, unless the actions in favour of the company in favour of the company have been filed in favour of the company. , a judgment, as stipulated in this sub-clause, to prosecute such acts or acts as quickly as possible.

14. – (1) Clauses 4 and 13 of the main agreement are defined in such a way that the company is entitled, subject to the terms of the licences granted or granted to the Commonwealth, and the provisions of an international convention on radiocommunications or the International Convention for the Protection of Life at Sea, to which the Commonwealth has so far acceded. , and the Wireless Telegraphy Act to establish and operate commercial wireless services between Australia and ships at sea, between Australia and commercial or private aircraft (excluding trade in aircraft or exclusively operated in Australia), between Australia and any Commonwealth-supervised region (not part of the Commonwealth) and between Australia and other countries , and negotiate and enter into agreements on the operation of these wireless services, and in these cases, licenses and licenses (excluding licenses for wireless phone transmitters and distributor licenses) are free.

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