Which Of These Is Not A Good Agreement In Favour Of Democracy Why

To isolate it, since we are proud to be the largest democracy in the world, it is also necessary to recognize and act on the fact that the phenomenon of great economic inequality severely limits its feasibility. 6. There are 40 villages in a district where the government has not affected the supply of drinking water. These villagers met and thought about many methods to force the government to meet their needs. Which one is not a democratic method? (a) filing in court of a case in which it is alleged that water is part of the right to life. b) boycotting the upcoming elections in order to send a message to all parties. c) hold public meetings against government policies. (d) Paying government officials money to get water. Answer: (d) Paying government officials money to get water is an undemocratic method. Answer: Re-polling is democratic, which means that the electoral process is at its core; As a general rule, it is used for candidates selected by Lok Sabha because they are already elected and then re-elected for the seats of the Assembly. In 2004, a report in the United States highlighted growing inequality in the united states.

Income inequality is reflected in citizens` participation in democracy. It has also shaped its ability to influence government decisions. The report noted: 1. Some information about four countries. Based on this information, how would you classify each of these countries? Write against each of them “democratic,” “undemocratic” or “not sure.” (a) Country A: people who do not accept the country`s official religion do not have the right to vote. b) Country B: the same party has won elections in the last twenty years. c) Country C: the ruling party has lost in the last three elections. d) Country D: there is no independent electoral commission. Answer: a) Non-democratic (b) Not sure (c) Democracy (d) Non-democratic (e) Freedom of the press is a very important element of democracy. Therefore, the total control of the media shows that there is no freedom of expression and freedom of expression and that there is no right to speak out against the government.

Therefore, although the country is somehow democratic, it is not democratic to some extent. Rigging is undemocratic, which means the channel that says the country does not depend on the electoral process, because the leaders of the countries are based on a chain. The reason for this answer is that not only are democratic countries prosperous in this world, but that democracy has certain advantages over other systems of leaders, but that is not enough to conclude that democracy is prosperous. Democracy is also a good way to resolve disputes, but it cannot be the right way to measure prosperity. 4. Each of these statements has a democratic and undemocratic element. Write both separately for each statement. (a) A minister said that certain laws must be passed by Parliament to comply with the rules adopted by the World Trade Organization (WTO). b) The Electoral Commission ordered a new consultation in a constituency where significant manipulations were reported. c) Women`s representation in Parliament has barely reached 10%.

As a result, women`s organizations have asked for one-third of the seats for women.

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