Unity Asset Store Agreement

You can also use free assets in your game for commercial purposes. The use of selected (unrestricted) unity-assets is acceptable, but note that many developers use Unity to create their games, and most are aware of the resources we provide. You can cancel your Unity account at any time by sending an email to support@unity3d.com. The termination of your Unity account does not exempt you from paying all the remaining amounts due for your existing software subscriptions or Developer Service, and if I wish to use assets purchased in another gaming engine in the Unity Asset Store, for example. B UE4. Is that legal? I`ve seen some free assets on the store with ambiguous formulations, much like “this is a limited version of Asset X so you can test and evaluate before you buy”. If the feature of the free version is OK for my needs, can I use it commercially? You acknowledge and accept that, through access, purchase or use of the Services, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the agreement, that you have created a Unity account, whether you subscribe to the Unity newsletter, or that you are registered on the website. If you do not accept these conditions and all applicable additional conditions, you are not entitled to access or use these services. Buy a 3D model and share with my other co-founder. The Unity Asset Store is owned and operated by Unity Technologies ApS (Company 30 71 99 13), Niels Hemmingsens Gade 24, 1153 Copenhagen K, Denmark (“Unity”). Your use of the Unity Asset Store is subject to a legal agreement between you and Unity, which consists of these Terms and Conditions, which you accept by activating the check box in which you indicate your acceptance of these terms and/or that you register as a user of the Unity Asset Store with a unity or other identifier, and that you will find here the Data Protection Controller Addendum.

subject to this section, LICENSOR and its subsidiaries, holding companies and other related companies are held liable to the end users of any legal action and all theories of liability under these conditions, including, but not limited to, any liability for damages, losses or direct or indirect injuries, and any liability is limited to the amounts paid to LICENSOR by the end user for the licence under the dispute in the last six months; in no case, LICENSOR or its subsidiaries, holding companies and other related companies are held liable to end-users for specific cases, accessories, copies; punishable or consecutive (including data loss, operating capacity, profitability or execution) or costs associated with purchasing replacement products that may be related to or related to these conditions or to your use of downloaded LICENSOR licenses or in some other way, that this liability arises from a right to contract, compensation, guarantee, unlawful action (including negligence), strict liability or other purposes, and whether or not DIESER has been informed of the possibility of such damage.

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