Tomato Suspension Agreement History

When a trader is involved in the sale, the place of delivery indicated in the contract is the place where the inspection is to take place. If the distributor does not indicate the delivery destination, the standard delivery destination is the sales agent`s warehouse. For many tomatoes owned or under the control of a distributor, it is the distributor`s responsibility to require a timely inspection of the tomatoes in its possession if it deems it necessary. If the distributor does not request a timely inspection (i.e. within eight hours of arrival at the distributor`s destination) and sells the tomatoes to a third party requesting an inspection, the distributor is responsible for all costs and adaptations related to the control and condition or quality of the tomatoes. On August 20, 2019, trade and a representative of CAADES et al. launched a draft agreement suspending the anti-dumping investigation into fresh tomatoes originating in Mexico. In accordance with Section 734 (e) of the Act, Commerce notified the ETP and the other parties, published the original draft contract to interested parties and invited interested parties to submit written submissions on the proposed suspension agreement by the closing date of September 9, 2019. [30] In accordance with point 734 (e) (1) of the Act, the trade consulted the ETP on its intention to suspend the anti-dumping investigation into fresh tomatoes originating in Mexico. Trade also notified the ITC of the proposed agreement[31], consistent with point 734 (e) (1) of the Act, and published a draft legal memorandum explaining how the agreement is implemented and implemented and how the agreement will comply with existing legal requirements that comply with Section 734 (e) (2) of the Act.

[32] Trade has received notices from numerous start printed Page 49989Parties until 9 September. , deadline 2019. [33] 2. USDA inspects the following shipments of fresh tomatoes from Mexico: all round tomatoes and roma tomatoes (including Stem On) and bulk grape tomatoes. The following fresh tomatoes are exempt from the inspection requirement: vine tomatoes, special tomatoes and grape tomatoes in retail packages of 2 pounds or less.

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