Service Provider License Agreement Microsoft

You have access to: With the help of Cloud, Microsoft allows service providers to offer hosting, outsourcing, and other services, avoid additional fees, budget for licensing, and only pay for what you use. Microsoft Corp.`s contract must be approved within two weeks. Microsoft and LOL Cloud send a welcome email with details about your new SPLA agreement. Even the physical contract that has been signed and approved is sent directly by Microsoft. LOL Cloud sends the signed subcontract. If you need 2 licenses this month, you pay for two licenses, but if you use 30 next month, you pay 30, and then you can go back and pay only the initial 2 licenses or the amount you need. There are no minimum or maximum quotas. SPLA provides usage rights to third parties who own these Microsoft licenses, so end customers who receive services provided on Microsoft software do not need to acquire their own licenses. End customers have the right to interact directly or indirectly with the features of the Microsoft software through the SPLA licensing service provider. Among the advantages of the SPLA program are the absence of initial investments in software, a flexible cost structure, stable prices, global sales, etc. Simplified licensing with the Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA).

Once the MBSA is complete, all you have to do is sign shorter, simplified SPLA contracts every three years. MBSA also allows you to acquire Premier and Professional Support with less effort. Interoperability: Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Lync Server. Cooperation: Microsoft SharePoint Server. Divisions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Administration: Windows System Center. Data storage: Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, SPLA partners have the option to connect to private training webinars by working on SPLA, including licensing, combining with other Microsoft enterprise programs, and more.

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