Sectigo Certificate Subscriber Agreement

During the contact, a ticket will be sent to you to follow the order and receive the necessary information, which is in the next steps, that Sectigo must issue the EV SSL certificate. Please visit the official website of the CA/Navigator Forum, the EV SSL Certificates Authority, for more information. Virtually everyone wants to assure visitors to the site that the company is real and trustworthy enough to start a business and make payments online. Extended validation certificates (EV) are designed for this purpose. If you need to receive an EV certificate urgently or if you prefer to keep the company`s data confidential, it is possible to send professional expertise signed by a lawyer, notary or accountant. The person who signed the legal opinion or the accountant`s letter should have a valid license in the country where the organization is registered or in the country where the organization has an office or physical organization. In order to expedite the validation process, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from an English-speaking person so that they can validate the signature during the telephone check with a Comodo validation agent (now Sectigo CA). In order to verify the physical existence and commercial presence of the organization, the certification body must verify that the physical address indicated by the applicant is an address where the organization conducts commercial transactions (no mail filing, P.O. field or address for an agent of the organization).

This address is inserted into the text of the SSL certificate after verification. HostGator provides Sectigo SSL certificates and offers a number of options to back up and protect your websites. If you don`t have time to wait for an update, you should temporarily consider an employment certificate or domain validation certificate. Typically, it takes up to 10 business days for the validation process to be completed and an SSL EV certificate to be issued. The verification process can be permanently reduced to a few days if valid business information is listed in a reliable database (government database, D-B, etc.) or in a professional expertise. As a result, the EV application and validation processes are not as difficult as they were at first. We recommend that you apply for an EV certificate in order to gain maximum trust among users and to have the advantage with competitors. WHOIS information on the domain requested by the SSL certificate is essential because the data contained in the certificate is shown here. Ssl is a technology that provides security and establishes encrypted connections between computer networks.

One type of SSL is the SSL certificate (EV) that provides powerful encryption and better legitimization of their sites. EV certificate requirement number. (Comodo/Sectigo command Id) can be found in your Namecheap account by running the following steps: Connect to the NC account >> dashboard >> DomainListe to >> to make sure, that all products are filtered at the top right of the screen, >> find the domain name for which the EV certificate was activated >> move on the red padlocked icon and click Manage in the pop-up window: After checking the WHOIS domain information and adding your business to one of the public directories, you should contact HostGator by phone or live chat to initiate the process of ordering EV-SSL certificates. The subscription agreement is a legally valid and enforceable agreement between the Comodo Certificate Authority (now Sectigo CA) and the organization that binds the applicant to the terms of use. By signing this subscription agreement, the contractor recognizes that it has the authority to obtain the numerical equivalent of a stamp, seal or (if applicable) the signature of the agent to establish the authenticity of the company`s website and that the organization is responsible for all uses of its EV certificate.

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