Prenup Agreement Nj

Divorced couples are not the only ones who can benefit from a marriage contract. If a couple decides to divorce, a prenuptial agreement in New Jersey can also protect the family patrimony that could be in danger. For example, a family that owns a joint venture may feel more comfortable with a marriage contract. Even if this is not the fiance`s preference, a marriage can protect the family business from equitable sharing in the event of a future divorce. The UPPA requires all marriage contracts: a matrimonial agreement may, in particular, allow couples to clearly define separate marital property and property and the distribution of their property during divorce. Each state has its own laws governing marital agreements, which provide information on what may be included in the matrimonial agreement, as well as the procedural conditions for the validity of a marriage agreement. The decision to enter into a marital or pre-civil union agreement is a personal decision that requires further discussion and consideration. Each couple`s situation is different; our experienced lawyers verify and analyze the pros and cons of marriage contracts as relevant to our client`s particular circumstances. Our role is to ensure that clients understand their legal options so that they can take the right steps to achieve their goals and protect their interests.

The woman argued that the marital agreement was unacceptable because it did not allow the parties to assert marital standard of living in determining whether she could obtain appropriate spousal support. However, as noted by the Appeal Division, the Prenuptial Agreement Act (“UPAA”) (N.J.S.A. 37:2-31 to -41) was monitored, as the parties` marital agreement was implemented prior to any change in the status in 2006 and 2013. The Appeal Division found that the UPAA had not required the court to consider the standard of living of the marriage and that it was therefore appropriate to maintain the enforcement agreement by expressly preventing the parties from asserting it as the basis for a change in the basis of the support base. A marital or pre-civil union contract (also known as a prenup, a pre-marital or antenuptial agreement) is a legal contract between two persons before their marriage or civil union.

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