Postnuptial Agreement California Requirements

A post-uptial contract is a legal contract that is signed after a couple has entered into a civil union or marriage. It dictates how the couple`s financial affairs and assets are distributed in the event of divorce or separation. While you may not be thinking about a divorce at this stage of your relationship, long-term planning is as much for you as for your important other smart planning. Having the right deal means having a law firm that understands your needs and how best to meet them. That`s why you can count on MacKay and Martin, LLP. The hiring of an experienced family lawyer, capable of ensuring that the agreement contains appropriate language, respects all necessary exceptions and respects the current conditions of the law on these agreements, is an important first step in the process of obtaining a post-nuptial agreement. If you would like to learn more about post-uptial agreements or other problematic areas, contact divorce lawyer Bruce A. Mandel. You can also follow us on FaceBook and join us at (424) 250-9130. With nearly three decades of support on behalf of clients in the field of family law, you can be sure that your interests are represented competently. In California, a post-uptial agreement is a legal document that protects the finances and assets of one or both parties in the event of a divorce.

If the couple participating in the post-uptial agreement is in the process of divorce, the terms of the signed document will preside over the distribution of ownership and debt by the courts, as well as other legal decisions. A post-nuptial agreement does the same thing as a conjugal agreement in this way. However, the couple will sign a post-uptial contract after the wedding, not before. A post-nuptial agreement can create rules for many different things if the couple divorces. If your spouse`s behaviour suddenly changes, becomes abusive or starts abusing substances, this may be a time to consider a post-uptial agreement to protect your property. That doesn`t mean you`re going to file for divorce, but if something happens, you can at least make sure you`re protected. This discussion with a family lawyer is the best option, especially if your spouse`s moods change quickly or become unreliable. There are certain conditions that are reprehensible in California and most other states. One condition is the waiver or limitation of spising assistance after divorce. Another is the limitation of child custody or custody, and any attempt to do so will render the agreement unenforceable. In some cases, post-uptial arrangements help spouses report post-marriage events.

One spouse may have started a business and does not wish to include the other in his or her business. Or there was an extramarital affair, and the couple only decided to stay married, on the condition of signing a post-uptial. Perhaps one of the spouses has become addicted and an agreement helps to limit that person`s expenses.

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