Oracle Data Processing Agreement 2020

In order to adapt to the new reality of a digital, global and data-controlled economy, the RGPD also formalizes new privacy principles such as data liability and minimisation, which are reflected across the text, including the following requirements: Bronto Marketing Policy regulates your use of Bronto services and Oracle`s directive on sending spam or spam via Bronto services. Bronto Marketing Policy is integrated into the Bronto Subscription Services Agreement (published in October 2019), the Transactional Bronto Subscription Services Agreement, found on or via your pre-calculation/order form for orders on July 1, 2020. ARE AGREEd on the following contractual clauses (the clauses) to ensure the protection of the privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals with respect to the transfer of personal data covered by the data importer. (i) to a person, unless they provide appropriate proof of their identity and authority; (ii) any legal auditor who has not previously given written consent (which cannot be improperly withheld); (iii) if the legal auditor does not enter into a confidentiality agreement with OutSystems on terms acceptable for outsourcing; (iv) if and to the extent that OutSystems believes this would reasonably lead to an infringement of the privacy or data security of other OutSystems customers or the availability of OutSystems services for those other customers; v) outside normal hours of operation in these premises; or vi) on more than one occasion during each twelve (12) month period, with the exception of any other additional control or inspection that: a. The client feels that this is necessary because of a breach event; or b. The customer is required to perform in accordance with applicable data protection laws or as indicated by a supervisory authority, if the customer has identified the injury event or the corresponding requirement in his notification to OutSystems for control or inspection. The world has changed for companies that collect and process personal data in the EU, both offline and online (i.e. in connection with e-commerce or online advertising activities), because: b) ordered the data importer and, for the duration of personal data processing services, to process personal data transmitted only on behalf of the data exporter and in accordance with existing data protection legislation and clauses; Oracle can process Services` personal data for the processing activities required to perform the Services, including testing and applying new versions of products or systems, patches, updates and updates, as well as correcting errors and other issues you have reported to Oracle.

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