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Haz-Mat One® – Nationwide Service


The Leading Emergency Response Service In North America

Through a nationwide response network, Haz-Mat One® manages appropriate responses to your emergencies anywhere in the United States and Canada. Trained Response Safety Managers oversee the incident by coordinating a plan of action with the contracted response company while maintaining contact with the client.


Your call puts you in contact with trained, experienced Response Safety Managers capable of handling your emergency situation — Haz-Mat One® is not an answering service. Our Response Safety Managers are dedicated to providing timely, professional, and cost-effective solutions to all your transportation and fixed facility emergencies. Experience and training provide the knowledge base for the Response Safety Managers to accurately know what responses are needed for a variety of emergencies handled through our call center every year. On average, a per incident costs savings of 20% is experienced by Haz-Mat One® customers.

The strength of the Haz-Mat One® response network stems from the diligent research into response companies included in the network, the strict adherence to standards of professionalism and safety and the requirement that each response be undertaken with qualified staff, dedicated equipment, billed according to established rates and proper insurance coverage in place.

Besides the basic information needed, such as location, product involved, quantity released, several key questions are asked by the Response Safety Manager when the incident is initially reported to establish the situation/site circumstances, such as:

  • Does the incident really qualify as an emergency?
  • Can the response be scheduled so that a crew can respond during regular business hours, thus, eliminating higher overtime rates?
  • Does the client have qualified people to handle the incident under the direction of Haz-Mat One®?
  • What medium is impacted?
  • Are there potential environmental issues to be addressed?

By gearing appropriate questions to accurately determine the incident situation, Haz-Mat One® is able to manage an appropriate response to the incident on behalf of the client, while containing costs. Additionally, Haz-Mat One® can assist or make the appropriate federal, state, and local emergency notifications required in relation to the incident and can provide disposal options as well. Finally, once the incident is completed, the contracted response company’s invoices and logs are audited to ensure accuracy. Any reductions made to the billing are passed on directly to the client. The Haz-Mat One® incident report is also provided for a complete timeline outlining the events involved.

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