Fci Interfactor Agreement

1 SEPARATION AND PROPERTY SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT This contract is concluded between the address of which the wife is and, domiciled, below husband. Husband and wife are sometimes transferred This is a bilateral agreement in which two CFI members, as correspondents, declare that they are bound by the general rules for international factoring, arbitration regulations and rules edifactoring.com. 2 None of the parties is required to use exclusively the services of the other parties, but each party is free to use the services of other factoring organizations in the country or countries where the parties provide factoring services. 4. This agreement enters into force from the aforementioned date and continues for an indeterminate period, subject to the disclosure by one of the parties 60 days before the written notification to the other party, but this information does not apply to the obligations of the parties under this agreement or GRIF, the rules edifactoring.com and the arbitration settlement relating to transactions , claims or liabilities deferred before the effective date of the information. With the exception of the assignment of receivables made before July 1, 2002, this agreement contains all the issues agreed between the parties regarding the receivables contained in Article 3 of the GRIF and any agreement, guarantees, guarantees and other statements of the import factor or export factor to the other agreement, and excludes any reference to any use or practice. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties performed this instrument by their respective leaders, who were duly approved from day and first year. Title: (Printed June 2002) 1.4 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT George Brown College (called College) enters into a mandatory agreement for professional services (the agreement) with (hereafter the rules governing the exchange of edifactoring.com messages between CFI members.

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