Distribution Agreement Data Protection

Julien is mainly involved in retail and franchising. Its clients are mostly companies active in the fashion, restaurant, hospitality and optics sectors. I am convinced that when it comes to international product distribution, a brand generally cannot afford to go into a dispute with a failing distributor. Its main objective is to sell its products while doing everything in its power to protect its image. It is precisely for this reason that I became a CEDR and CMAP accredited mediator, and I encourage my clients to include a mediation clause in their contracts. Mediation is a powerful, fast and effective tool – and much less costly than court and arbitration procedures. “Because I was very committed operationally, my experience gave me valuable insight into the practical workings of the industry, which went beyond the legal aspects.” He talks about disputes over agency contracts and what clients often ignore. The model is intended to favour the manufacturer/supplier of the product. As such, it offers strong legal protection to the manufacturer and also allows the manufacturer to set minimum targets for the distributor. A version of this distribution agreement that favours the distributor is also available. 4.11 The Distributor acknowledges and accepts that, if it does not comply with one of its obligations listed above in this clause 4, it may terminate the agreement according to its sole choice and without limitation other remedies available to it under the existing legislation: (i) terminate that contract; or (ii) to cease fulfilling its obligations under item 5.3 and/or to reduce or remove the distributor`s status and/or reduce the distributor`s rebate.

Customers often think that a sales contract can be created very easily while they rely on a boiler platform. This is sometimes the case, but very rarely. A distribution agreement works best when it transposes the client`s operational and financial reality into legal terms. To understand to the client that the idea requires a broader discussion, which aims to allow the lawyer to fully understand all the ins and outs of the client`s affairs. A lawyer`s total familiarity with an industry helps him ask the right questions and anticipate any operational restrictions. An agreement should read like a thoughtful cooking recipe that needs to be put into practice. 10.4 The termination of this contract by CONSELF, in accordance with its terms, does not give the distributor any right to compensation, compensation, loss of earnings or future damages or any other form or type of consequential damage, and under no circumstances does the distributor acquire any value against CONSELF in respect of its order as a distributor or with respect to the services or their distribution or sale, or by any other means or in relation to that agreement. 2.1 CONSELF appoints the distributor as an independent and non-exclusive reseller of end-user services, and the distributor accepts the appointment subject to the conditions set here. The distributor is and remains an independent subject and is subject to the rules and spirit of this agreement in its distribution activities This agreement is a framework agreement that defines the conditions under which the distributor can place orders with CONSELF or its local subsidiary (as stipulated in the terms and conditions).

10.5 At the expiry or end of this contract, the conSELF distributor returns all advertising and promotional materials, including all access data, evaluation copies, service documents, service descriptions and any documentation provided free of charge or on loan or mailing to the CONSELF distributor.

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