Collective Agreement Atu 279

This is a good deal for workers, passengers and taxpayers,” said Mayor Jim Watson. The fact that we reached an agreement before the current contract expired shows the positive relationship of our city with our union partners. “A lot of people are working, there have been no layoffs and there is currently no income from the tariff box,” Crabtree said. “I think a lot of money was spent to keep everyone busy right now, which was great.” Union members voted for the contract late last week, with 63 per cent in favour of the five-year contract. About two-thirds of the 2,381 members with the right to vote voted. On Wednesday, both the Transit Committee and the Council approved the agreement. Crabtree said members were concerned about the five-year term of the contract. The annual increases are slightly lower than in the previous contract. The city and ATU 279 have been in negotiations since December 2015. “With 340,000 daily trips across the network, it is clear that OC Transpo plays an important role in the movement of residents in our nation`s capital,” said Councillor Stephen Blais, Chair of the Transit Commission. “There has been a lot of time and effort on the part of ATU 279 union members and OC Transpo to reach an agreement that works for all parties involved and supports the future of tram operations.” “Five years is a long time to sign a contract, and we`ve never done it before,” Crabtree told CBC.

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