Ashworth College Enrollment Agreement

By providing useful information and advice on responsible borrowing before enrollment, low tuition fees during enrollment and the provision of programs that lead to better jobs after graduation, the WGU packs a 1-2-3 punch designed to keep your debt low and your return on investment quickly. The youngest WGU graduates reported that they earned an average of $11,800 more in one to two years after closing, compared to pre-enrollment income… The subsequent calculations of restitution are, for example. B only. Their reimbursement amount varies depending on the program, the number of lessons completed, the education already paid, the payment schedule selected at the time of registration and the length of the registration. We work hard to create a satisfying learning experience for all Ashworth College students. However, if you register and decide that our school is not for you, cancel your registration within the first 5 days. We propose a non-must-have refund policy. From time to graduation, our #1 job is a better life for you and your family. Consider it the best of both worlds: a program that offers total independence and more support than you knew, just when you need it! From the registration counsellor to help you decide if the WGU is right for you, to faculty mentors obsessed with your academic progress, student and technical support teams that can help you solve problems you may encounter as a student, you are never alone, even if you`re online. And even after you graduate, career and alumni support is just a call. These are just calculations of sample reimbursements. Student reimbursement amounts vary depending on the program and payment option chosen at the time of enrollment.

If you cancel after the first 5 days, you can get a refund or you need additional courses. All refunds or funds due are described in the student protection agreement on the back of your registration agreement and are determined by: . Learning independently does not mean learning yourself. Course facilitators are experts who regularly work with you to ensure that you have mastered the course materials.

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