Agreement Registration Maharashtra

To save the document by e-registration, you need to have the following things with you. i) Internet connection ii) Thumb scanner / finger scanner (biometric device) in accordance with the specification indicated by the division. iii) Webcam iv) printer v) Unique identification id (Aadhaar card) of all parties as well as identifiers. vi) The stamp duty and registration fees applicable to the document must only be paid online (by e-challan / simple receipt) via the GRAS portal. Note: The document is saved in the template/format provided by the division. It is the owner`s responsibility to ensure the registration of the rental agreement, failing which the landlord may have to pay a penalty of Rs 5,000 and punish himself with a prison sentence of up to three months. In the event that the leave and license contract is not registered and disputes arise between the lessor and the tenant, the contractual conditions invoked by the tenant are considered to be the real and correct conditions in which the property was given for rent, unless proven otherwise. After successfully paying the necessary fee, the applicant must book an appointment with the Sub-Registrar. When you arrive at the sub-recorder with the required documents in printed form, the successful registration of the applicant`s property is carried out quickly. What are the conditions for your own e-registration? Omprakash Deshmukh, Inspector General of Registration, talks about the evolution: “For the registration of vacation and license agreements, citizens must go to the sub-registrar`s office or go to another authorized provider. To save citizens time and money in this process, we have taken the new initiative. » 10% x refundable deposit x Number of years of contract = C Currently, the tenant or owner must pay a stamp duty of 0.25 percent and a registration fee of Rs 1000 for real estate in an urban area.

The cost of rural areas, rule 500, is the cost. Apart from these expenses, the tenant or landlord is not obliged to submit any other fees for the contract. For example, if you enter into a 24-month vacation and license agreement with a monthly rent of 25,000 rupees and a refundable deposit of five Lakh Rs, you will have to pay a stamp duty of 1,750 rupees (0.25% on the rent of six Lakhs for two years and interest on one lakh for two years). There are different advantages of electronic registration which are as follows: a) The citizen can create his own document from anywhere at any time with Internet facilities. b) Citizens can submit the document at any time for registration (24×7). (c) The citizen does not require a visit to the financial intelligence unit for the registration of the document. . . .

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